naisho – 内緒 (ないしょ) : a noun meaning ‘secrecy’ in Japanese.

Depending on the situation and context, this can also mean ‘secret’ or ‘privacy’.

Naishou in Buddhism The Buddhism word, “naishou – 内証 (ないしょう)”, refers to a state in which someone has the complete understanding of Buddhism
in his/her mind. It is very religious and hard to understand. Yet, we can at least understand that that state is a religious secret kept hidden from others.

This is the origin of “naisho – 内緒 (ないしょ)”
and the reason it can mean ‘secrecy’ even though its kanji expression was changed.
And also, this is the reason it focuses more on a state in which something is kept secret rather than a secret itself. }
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